Bondex and NewBond has been a leading supplier of woven fabrics to global fashion powerhouses and mass market retail labels since 1979. With a keen eye on both cultural and fashion trends around the world, we are committed to delivering products that satisfies even the most demanding and sophisticated clients around the world.

Established in 1979, our group has invested in spinning, weaving, and dyeing & finishing mills across different areas in China. Our determination is to focus on research, development, and production of a wide variety of woven fabrics (i.e. Rigid & stretch cotton, CVC, T/C, cross blends of cotton with polyester, nylon, rayon, linen, etc...). While partnering and serving our valuable clients for over 3 decades, Bondex has developed a mission to provide customers with the most innovative and trendiest fabrics. We not only have preserved the know-how and technical aspects critical to producing fabrics of premium quality, but have also cultivated a culture to explore how to turn our customers' ambiguity into possibility.

Nonetheless, our group is extremely cautious when dealing with issues regarding environmental sustainability and raw materials that might cause harm to the human race. Therefore, it is strictly mandated that all fabrics complies with local regulations and customer’s standards which includes AATCC, JIS, ISO, etc... standards. We also prohibit using cotton from countries that utilizes underage child labor.